If you are a part of the women over the age of 40 then you are not only battling a society that encourages quick fatty meals and a sedentary lifestyle, you are also battling your hormones.

This article shares two hormones that make it harder to lose weight past the age of 40 and a solution to keeping your most important fat burning hormone level high that will take you only 30 seconds a day to implement.

Let’s begin by talking about a hormone that I know you are familiar with and one that you may not have heard of before. The hormones I am talking about are estrogen and leptin respectively.

Estrogen is a commonly talked about hormone, especially in women over 40 who may be nearing or entering menopause. There is no doubt that estrogen is produced in smaller quantities as you age, but how is this tied to weight gain? The answer lies in your fat cells.

When your ovaries stop producing as much estrogen your body goes looking for other sources of estrogen. One area of your body that produces estrogen is your fat cells. Because your body wants more estrogen it encourages the storage of fat so your fat cells can provide it. This is one reason it may be more challenging to lose weight past the age of 40, but estrogen is not the most significant hormone when it comes to weight loss.

The key weight loss hormone in your body is called leptin. This hormone is in charge of keeping you alive by preventing your starvation. If your body senses starvation it puts a halt to leptin production and you have trouble losing even a solitary pound of fat. Of course, your body cannot tell the difference between a diet and starvation. All your body knows is that there are fewer calories coming in and therefore every time you diet your fat-burning leptin levels drop.

I say that leptin is the key weight loss hormone because of how much it can drop and how quickly. After just one week of moderate dieting you can have a reduction of up to 50% in leptin levels. This means that after one week your body is only at one half its original fat burning potential.

Is it any wonder your weight loss efforts have plateaued in the past?

Women over the age of 40 are often told to take estrogen supplements to help reduce the symptoms of menopause, including weight gain. However, many women do not get the full benefits of weight loss from estrogen supplements. The reason is because these supplements do not address leptin levels.

Leptin levels can be boosted by a number of different methods. You can increase your leptin levels by having a planned day during your dieting week where you boost your calorie and carbohydrate intake. This is often referred to as a Cheat Day and when done properly boosts your leptin levels up to near normal levels without resulting in fat gain.

You can also stabilize leptin in your body by priming your body so it is highly receptive to leptin. This is called leptin sensitivity and is what you need in order for your body to benefit from high leptin levels. To boost leptin sensitivity you can exercise regularly and also eat small frequent meals throughout the day.

Exercise and diet control are great ways to boost leptin levels and leptin sensitivity, but what if I told you there is an even easier way to keep leptin levels high and increase your leptin sensitivity and that it only requires 30 seconds during your day to implement?

This 30 second trick is found in taking natural supplements. There are a number of natural ingredients that you can take to boost leptin. These ingredients include:

Irvingia Gabonensis
Oleanolic Acid
Panax Notoginseng (also known as Shan Qi)
Yerba Mate
By taking a few seconds out of your day to take a mix of these powerful ingredients you can keep leptin working for you and successfully combat the challenges that come with losing weight past the age of 40.

At this point I am sure you are wondering where you can get your hands on these 5 unique ingredients and how much of each to take and when.

If I told you that these ingredients have been put together in a single and powerful leptin-manipulating supplement, would you be interested?

You see, if you could combine these ingredients, you could essentially keep your body in a fat-burning state 24/7… high leptin levels + high leptin sensitivity = high levels of fat burning.

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